About us

Our story

Stockholm, 2018. The first time you stepped into the cage, the first time you held a padel racket, the first time you played padel. Instead of running to the front, you ran to the back. Nine out of ten balls were in the glass wall. The servers straight into the grid. Far from a glamorous debut, but damn it was fun! During those 60 minutes the love for padel was born.

A few hundred hours of play, every other night surfing MATCHi in the hope of a 90-minute time on center court and four broken rackets later, we started the Acero. A little late, you might think, considering that there are already hundreds of padel brands. But that doesn't matter to us. Because not only has it become more fun to play padel (now that you are actually decent), the interest in all the subtleties of the sport and especially the choice of materials has become "nuestra mayor pasión" as we would say in Spanish - our greatest passion.

Acero is the result of our experience and preferences, combined with the sharpest materials on the market at fair prices. Our vision is to contribute to the growth of the sport by making the difficult easy and thus making it accessible to more people. We want more first-time players to leave the local center with the same euphoric feeling we had back in the days.

Father & son

213 words later and we still haven't introduced ourselves. Here we go. Behind Acero is Ronnie Österberg & Mattias Österberg - father & son. Are we the best at padel? Absolutely not! Can we kick mash? Hardly! However, we share a strong passion for the sport and are two extreme material nerds. Therefore, we hope, and believe, that Acero can create padel equipment that is appreciated by you and many other players.

The starting shot

In early 2020, when the pandemic hit, we, like many others, had more hours in the day to use. Mom always said to do more of what you love, so we started playing more padel than ever. In a constant quest to optimize our own game and improve our equipment, we plowed through hours of tips on YouTube and broke down every material choice on the market. Somewhere in between, probably over one or two San Miguels on a Friday night, we decided that we wanted to try our hand at designing, producing and selling "the perfect gear". You know - for players, by players.

The bar was set as high as our smash in the glass the first time we played. The goal was to find the ultimate combination that meets the functionality needs of the amateur as well as the advanced series player - with an appealing design at a fair price.

The result is what you see on our website today. A narrow and carefully selected premium range that has received all our time, energy and love - directly from the factory to your hand to make it taste much more than it costs. Three padel rackets (No. 1, No. 2, No. 3), one variant ball and one variant overgrip. That's it! The reason for the name of the racket? By avoiding introducing an eighth racket on the market called something like "Elite Pro Legend X2000", we should be able to more easily navigate you in the padel jungle to find your perfect match.

Jokes aside! I hope we can gain your trust and grow the sport together - both on an individual and collective level. Enjoy your game!

High five,
Ronnie Österberg & Mattias Österberg