No. X – All in the details



Hybrid (Drop/diamond)


45,5 x 26 x 3,8 (H x W x D)


350-355 grams


Medium (260mm)


Hit surface: 24K carbon fiber
Frame: 100% carbon fiber, double tubes
Core: EVA (Medium)
Surface layer: 3D structure, grooves (0.8mm)


Developed in Sweden, produced in China.

24K carbon & Medium EVA

Medium-stiff core combined with an hit surface consisting of the rare and exclusive composition of 24K carbon.
24K carbon & Medium EVA

Grooved surface

Equipped with our grooved steel pattern on the outermost layer for the opportunity to add more "bite" to your shots, thereby imparting more spin on the ball when needed. Psst... did you know that "Acero" is a Spanish word that means "steel" in English?
Grooved surface

Ultimate sweetspot

The hybrid-shaped racket has an ultimate sweetspot that helps with mis-hits, and provides even more power on clean hits - thanks to its unique drilling.
Ultimate sweetspot

Padel cover

Our padel cover is always included with the purchase of a racket. Your amigo between matches that protects your racket from bumps, dirt and large temperature differences.
Padel cover

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