4 tips for longer life of your padel racket

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4 tips for longer life of your padel racket

Buying a better padel racket is an investment in yourself and your game. Sure, finding your perfect match can be difficult and expensive, but once you do, you should be concerned about extending the life of your racket - both for your wallet and the environment. Here are 4 simple tips to extend the life of your padel racket.

1) Avoid unnecessary blows

Calma te, take it easy! Sure, it's frustrating when things go bad, but it's probably not the racket's fault. Skip throwing the racket, hitting it on the ground or giving it a kiss with the palm of your hand. Even if one of these actions does not cause the racket to break at that particular moment, it will weaken the racket over time. In other words, do not hit the racket against anything other than padel balls.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Sure, it looks cool when you bounce the ball from the ground to your hand by hitting it. But pressing the ball between a racket and a hard surface is like asking for cracks in your racket. If you don't want to pick up the ball with your hand, you can learn to pick it up like Rafael Nadal.

2) Minimize excessive temperature differences

Excessive temperature differences are not optimal for a padel racket as there is a risk of dehydration - which can result in internal and external cracks. Don't forget the racket in your car, whether it's summer or winter.

3) Use frame protection

Speaking of cracks, frame protectors help to minimize the number of scratches and the risk of cracks in the frame. ¡Muy bien!

4) Store your racket in a cover or a bag

Padel covers and padel bags are designed to protect your racket between matches, not only does it look nice. It protects the racket from shocks, dirt and large temperature differences.

Psst... if the air where you play is humid, you should wipe your racket with a cloth before putting it in a dark storage area with minimal air. A damp racket can significantly shorten the life of your racket.

It doesn't have to be harder than that. Follow these 4 simple tips and you'll get to play with your racket longer, save money and do your bit for the environment.

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