Padel glossary: Learn the lexicon of padel

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Padel glossary: Learn the lexicon of padel

All sports have their unique words and terms, and padel is no exception. In this article, we've gathered the most commonly used words that can be useful on and off the court.

Por tres (3 meter smash)

A smash that makes the ball go over the side wall which is 3 meters high.

Por cuatro (4 meter smash)

A smash that makes the ball go over the back wall which is 4 meters high.


Advantage is awarded to the team that wins the ball at the 40-40 position ("deuce"). If the same team wins the next ball, they have won a game.

Second serve

The second attempt you have to serve, after missing your first attempt.


When the person serving and their partner are on the same side of the court when serving.


A shot made with the back of the hand against the opponent.

Rear position

When the duo is behind the service line.


An overhead shot designed to force your opponents far back in the court so you can maintain your position.


When using the glass to hit the ball over the net.


When you win a game where your opponents started serving.

Break point

A ball that results in a break as the returners win the point on the opponent's serve.


A low and slow shot that should land at the feet of the opponent standing in front of the net.


When the ball path runs diagonally.

Deuce (equal)

When the score is 40-40.

Double error

When the server fails both serve attempts and the opponents score points.


A shot made with the palm of the hand against the opponent.

Foot fault

When the server steps on or over the baseline before the serve is hit.

Front position

When the duo is in front of the net.

First serve

First attempt to serve.


When you win 4 or 5 balls (0, 15, 30, 40, game) you have won a game.


A common shot made after the ball has bounced on the ground.

No man's land

The section between the rear and front position. This area should only be used in the transition from one position to the other.


A shot struck from below with a high trajectory over the opponents with the aim of forcing them back into the court.

Match ball

When one team has the opportunity to decide the match before the next ball.


When you win a point after your opponents have served in a tie-break.

Net rollers

When the ball hits the edge of the net and rolls over in the opponents' half.


A shot made above the head.

Power smash

A smash you hit to bring the ball back into your half of the pitch so that the opponents cannot reach it.


The shot played back to the opponents after the serve.


The shot that starts a point.

Serve ace

A serve that the opponent fails to return and you win the point.

Service box

The marked square on the court where the serve is to be placed - diagonally from where the serve is to be hit.


When you win 6 games or a tie-break, you have won a set.

Side spin

When the ball is turned one way, for example in the shot vibora.


When the ball undershoots and rotates backwards after a shot.


A hard aggressive shot over the head.

Stop ball

A loose shot that goes just over the edge of the net and barely bounces.

Sweet spot

The most optimal hitting surface on the racket.


At 6-6 in the game you play a decisive tie-break to 7 points, where you have to win by two points.


When the ball has topspin and rotates forward after a shot.


A more aggressive bandeja with side spin where the ball should bounce low or stay close to the walls.


When you hit the ball in the air before it bounces.


Walk over - when the opponents cannot participate in the match and the match win is automatically awarded to the other team.


A shot that the opponent cannot reach.

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